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Unique Liquor Storage in an Airstream Travel Trailer

Speed rail as liquor shelf
Speed rail as liquor shelf

Continuing what seems to now be a small series of “home improvement” posts about our Airstream, I wanted to share a quick post about a solution I found for our liquor and wine bottle storage (Yes, we occasionally stray from craft beer in favor of a nice whiskey or cocktail!).

It’s called a “speed rail” or “speed rack” and is sold for bar and restaurant use. The nice part about it is that it’s designed to support the weight of full bottles, and keeps them from falling off or tipping over in transit.

Best part is that it’s a really inexpensive solution. We purchased the 22″ single unit Winco SPR-22S Single Speed Rail, 22-Inch which is less than $25 and fits perfectly above the living area TV in an Airstream.

We added some bubble wrap for transportation, as well as caulked the bottom seams of the speed rail in the off chance a bottle breaks or leaks, to prevent a big mess.

Overall a simple solution and inexpensive solution and certainly a big upgrade from our earlier “milk crate” storage. It even frees up space in the closet for some more craft beer finds.

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